The Department of Physical Education Achieve and Organize Various Sports Games, NIEIT Provide an Environment for the Disciplined and Integrated Development of Sports, Both Staff as well as Students of NIEIT to Excel in Sports & fitness Programs. It Educates and train Students and staff for Physical Fitness, Health and quality life through physically activity a healthy Lifestyle.

NIEIT has provided the necessary infrastructure to Sports and Physical Education Department on par with any Physical Education Department of any University. The 25-Acre sprawling campus has the following facilities


NIEIT encourages students to discover their potential to the fullest through various avenues. Every department has a student association which motivates its members to hone their skills. Explore the extracurricular activities at NIEIT below.


NIEIT sports department provides kits and other facilities for tournaments. The college had given the court facilities for the below-mentioned sports:

Outdoor facilities: Cricket ground MOU with KSCA (ground is used for Multipurpose sports like Athletics, Football, Hockey, Netball, Handball Softball, Ball badminton Baseball etc.)

  • Basket Ball clay court, 01 Nos 
  • 2 Nets for cricket 
  • Lawn Tennis court 01Nos 
  • Volleyball court, 01Nos 
  • Throwball court, 01Nos 
  • Kho-Kho court, 01 Nos 
  • Kabaddi, 01Nos   

Indoor facilities:

  • Table Tennis 02 Nos  
  • Carrom, 05 Nos 
  • Chess, 05 Nos 
  •  Fitness room 

The sports department will be selecting players for College Team to Participate in VTU & MCICT Other tournaments based on the performance in the college inter-branch matches and then the team will practice (15-20 days ) at our college campus before participating in all tournaments.

BENEFITS: Students who represent the College, and VTU Teams in different sports & games will get special recognition during the campus recruitment.

Sportswear: All the students representing the college in various sports & games we are given the suitable sportswear and students representing the South Zone & All India are given suitable tracksuits. 

Attendance: The players representing the college team in Invitational & V.T.U Inter-Collegiate games will be given attendance for the days missed the Classes, 

Extra Internal: There will be an additional internal given to the students; in case they miss the regular internals due to V.T.U intercollegiate tournaments or any prestigious invitational tournament

MEDICAL FACILITIES: The institution bears the medical expenses if any sportsperson is injured while representing the institution.

At NIEIT, we encourage students to participate in a a wide spectrum of sports activities and competitions. This helps students to test their mettle, realize their strengths and weaknesses and develop a healthy, competitive spirit.
Sports activities that the students have been a part of include:

Mysuru City Intercollegiate & VTU sports competitions

Men’s events:

Cricket , Football, Volleyball, Handball, Yoga, Kho-Kho, Ball Badminton, Kabaddi, Hockey,  Tennis, Soft Ball, Throw Ball, Basketball, Weightlifting, Best Physique, Powerlifting, Wrestling, Judo, Tennis, Netball

Women’s events:

Badminton, Table Tennis, Soft Ball, Throw Ball, Basketball, Netball

Mixed events:

Cross Country Running, Chess, Swimming, Athletics, Table Tennis, Archery, Youth Fest

Open tournaments

  1. Men’s Dhyan Chand Hockey Tournament
  2. Mysuru Dasara Men’s Tennis Tournament
  3. Mysuru Dasara Men’s Wrestling Tournament

Sports competitions conducted by VTU

  1. Karumbaiah P (3rd Sem, ME) – Men’s Hockey Team South Zone at Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjunanagar, AP
  2. Akarsha A K (7th Sem, ME) – Men’s Softball All India at SRTMUN, Nanded, Maharashtra
  3. Anusha (5th Sem, ISE) – Women’s Softball All India at Calicut University, Kerala
  4. Revanth C (7th Sem, EEE) – Men’s Baseball All India at Patiala, Punjab
  5. A Sai Aishwarya (5th Sem, ECE) – South Zone Women’s Cricket at Andhra University, AP
  6. Kavya A (3rd Sem, ISE) – South Zone Women’s Cricket at Andhra University, AP
Student achievements in sports range from scoring prizes in intercollegiate competitions to inter zone championships.

VTU Sports & Game NIEIT Achievement 2018-19

  1. Tennis Mens rest of Bangalore Zone 2nd Place, and inter zone 2
  2. Men Soft Ball Rest of Bengaluru Zone 4th Place.
  3. Tennis Mens 3rd Placerest of Bangalore
  4. Tennis Mens MCICT 1st Place.
  5. Tennis Women MCICT 2nd Place


Eligibility Criteria
Application Procedure
Fee Waiver

The Student has to represent or play at national level for which there would 50% reduction in the college fee this condition would be same for all the 4 years for engineering to obtain fee exemption.

The candidates should apply to the Secretary, NIE Managing Committee with their credentials. Application forms should be duly signed and endorsed by their parents.

The Student has to represent or play at national level for which there would 50% reduction in the college fee this condition would be same for all the 4 years of engineering to obtain fee exemption.