Research @ NIEIT

At NIEIT, we truly believe in pushing the boundaries of knowledge and possibilities. Accordingly, from research allied faculty members to undergraduate students, all members of NIEIT family are engaged in creating new knowledge. More than 50% of our undergraduates and nearly 90% of our postgraduates enrich their educational experience by actively engaging themselves with faculty-led research initiatives. Also, we have adopted a trans-disciplinary research approach, that brings together research brains from diverse fields, as we truly believe in stitching together fundamental discoveries with practical applications. As a consequence, research flourishes in our various science and engineering departments, as well as different centres of excellence, which strive to explore new intellectual frontiers and attack important societal and industrial problems. This, in-turn has enabled numerous knowledge enhancing, socially-relevant, industry specific and deployable research outcomes.

Objectives of Research @ NIEIT

Research at NIEIT aims at addressing some of the most daunting scientific and technological challenges of social, industrial and national relevance. It also aims to foster the academy-industry interactions, spawn innovative and critical thinking, facilitate value addition for faculty and student fraternity of NIEIT and most importantly, improve the research perception of the institute, as a whole.

Specific objectives

  • To create an accommodative research ecosystem, which enables faculty members and/or research scholars and/or students, to undertake such research initiatives, which serve to advance knowledge and are socially need based.
  • Forge trans-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships at national and international level.
  • Ensure publications in high-quality and appropriately-indexed scientific journals.
  • Safeguard the intellectual property of NIEIT and its faculty and/or students.
  • Inculcate Good Research Practices (GRP) based on scientific integrity and research ethics.
  • Craft the culture for trans-disciplinary collaborations and enable an ideal platform for knowledge sharing.
  • Stitch together fundamental discoveries with practical applications.
  • Encourage and facilitate faculty members to take up research projects with financial assistance from various national and international organizations and/or societies.
  • Encourage faculty members participation in conferences and seminars through sponsorships


A research centre is a formally structured unit within the university, other than a department, established with the purpose of advancing scholarly activity. In this view our esteemed institution, NIE Institute of Technology has established Research centre in academic year 2017-18 at Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Goals of Research Centre:

  • Cultivate Research Culture in the campus
  • Motivate Sponsored Research
  • Establish Research Labs
  • To develop Research facilities

Research Facilities

  • High speed configured PC with internet facilities
  • Mi-Power and Matlab Software

Publications by Research Scholars

Our research scholars have published their research work in more than 20 reputed journals and presented their papers in national and international conferences.

Recognized Research Supervisors

Our research scholars are getting the guidance from the reputed research supervisors who are from educational field background, industry background, public sector background.

In the past decade, engineering research community has seen a rapid growth resulting in emergence of innovative products and technologies. In our endeavour to serve the society through our technical acumen, we have established a research centre which nurtures a techno-socially relevant ambience in the campus. It encourages innovative research and bridges the gap between the industry and the academia. In appreciation of our commitment to the social cause in research and the stated objectives, VTU has recognised the department as a Research Centre for Doctoral and M. Sc. (Engineering) by Research programs. These programs are affiliated to VTU, Belagavi and recognised by AICTE, New Delhi.

Goals of Research Center:

  • To promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research.
  • Enhance research networking capacity and infrastructure.
  • To inculcate research skills among students and faculties to meet environmental, social and economic challenges.
  • To make students industry ready by increasing institute industry interaction.

    Research Facilities

    • Research Lab with research grade computers with research version software
    • Computerized testing machines
    • Computerized engines
    • CNC Lathe

    Faculty Pursuing Doctorate

    Our research centre is nurturing One student currently registered and working in the area of Fracture Mechanics.

    R&D Center involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National/International Journals and conferences. Established R&D department at the Institution level to promote Research & Innovation among the faculty & students. The center helps in developing co-operative and complimentary research in the department under NIEIT to explore advanced technologies. The department of Mathematics is recognized has Research center by VTU from 2017 for the Doctoral degree. This program is affiliated to VTU, Belagavi and recognized by AICTE, New Delhi. The Center holds periodical Review meetings on the progress of research being carried out for Ph.D. as per the direction of VTU, Belgavi. Necessary environment and facilities were created at the Center.

    Goals of Research Center:

    • Cultivate Research Culture in the campus.
    • Motivate Sponsored Research.
    • To develop Research facilities.
    • To promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research.

    Research Facilities

    • High speed configured PC with internet facilities
    • Separate Library exclusively for research Center.

    Faculty Pursuing Doctorate

    Our research center is nurturing one student currently registered and working in the area of Geometric Function Theory.

    Sl. No

    Research Supervisor

    Research Scholar

    Dr. RAJU D S
    Asst. Professor
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