Physics Department


The department of Physics started in 2008 and takes up the lead role in laying strong foundation to engineering students and focusses on delivering quality education for meeting the challenges of science and technology. 

The department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff with varied specialization in the field of Physics.

The department tunes the budding engineer at first year BE with finer aspects of Physics to adopt them effectively in their future studies and technological developments.

The State- of –the -art labs ensure the best possible working environment for the students.

Best practices: Activity Based Learning(ABL)

  1. The department has implemented Activity Based Learning(ABL) for the first year students. 
  2. It is a student centric initiative to enhance the learning ability of a student in the classroom.
  3. This approach enables both the student and teacher to involve themselves in learning process effectively. 
  4. This approach enables both student and teacher to explore various learning resources – text books, reference books, e-resources, other ICT tools etc., thus provides right platform for effective teaching and learning process.
  5. This approach helps in acquiring skill sets to become a successful engineer in future.
  6. ABL includes activities such as quiz, report writing, seminars, model making, poster making, PPT’s, virtual labs and many more.,