Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2013 offering an under graduate program, affiliated to VTU, Belagavi and recognized by AICTE. Presently the department offers one undergraduate program leading to bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and two post graduate programs leading to masters and doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

The department comprises of self-motivated, dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty members, technical staff and state-of-the-art laboratories. Mechanical Engineering Consortium (MEC), a students’ organization within the department organizes various technical events related to mechanical engineering and allied disciplines. The department is recognized as a “Research Center” by Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Vision of the Department

To be recognized for excellence in value based education and research manifested through socially conscious engineers and entrepreneurs who can engage in innovative activities.

Mission of the Department

  • To impart value based education to the students and enhance their skills to encourage technological innovation.
  • To maintain a supportive infrastructure and environment that caters to the diversified needs of society.
  • To encourage lifelong learning and leadership with passion to work creatively & effectively for the betterment of humankind.
  • To collaborate with industry and academia to form strategic partnerships.


Our graduates will be

PEO 1: Our graduates will have a successful professional career in industry and academia through effective problem-solving skills.

PEO 2: Our graduates will continue to learn and adapt to a world of constantly evolving technology.

PEO 3: Our graduates will have a penchant for higher studies and entrepreneurship.


Our students will be 

PSO 1: Work effectively in industry or as entrepreneur by applying the concepts of management to optimize the production processes and solve multidisciplinary problems.

PSO 2: Provide sustainable solutions to industrial challenges and environmental issues by applying the acquired knowledge of thermal sciences.

PSO 3: Provide innovative design solutions for new product development.