The technical club “ionE”, started by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to provide opportunities and exposure to students to inculcate skills and knowledge in extra curricular and co curricular arena. Thus helping them to enhance their placement skills and life long learning. The objective of the club is to make students vulnerable to cutting edge technology through events , workshops , technical events and so on. Events to instigate the team building capability, organising skills are also a part of the objective of the club.

Events were conducted along with their curriculum every week. Some of them are Google It in which a team of 2 members were given only 1 mobile phone and allowed with 35 tricky questions to answer within 15 min to enhance coordination and team work. Poster Presentation on the topics green and sustainable technology, recycling, waste management was conducted to unleash their creativity.

TACT (Technical Act) is one of the event to ignite the students to execute their talents. They were given a passage from any of the electrical subjects and they should convey that through a drama/skit/narration.

Treasure Hunt with a team of 4 need to solve Technical questions, mathematical puzzles, Riddles etc, excluding mobile phones. Here students can improve their problem solving ability. Debate Competition also conducted on topics, quality of Indian education system compared to that of other countries, are corporate jobs a new form of slavery which leads to empowerment of their communication skills.

Guess the Price , the items displayed on the screen were to be guessed, nearest value was considered. Mobile Photography Event- photographs clicked by mobile camera were uploaded on Instagram page with maximum likes (within 24 hours after uploading),post with maximum likes is winner of the contest. EE-Kavithe was to write a technical concept poetically.

LOGO DESIGN contest was organized and best logo selected and it was used as the logo of the club.

These events were like a gateway for the students to work as a team and bring the best out of their effort.

Amidst the constraints like lockdown, the club made sure that the students get opportunities to keep themselves active. Technical Quiz along with Essay Writing contest conducted on the occasion of Engineers’ Day, gave them a chance to involve in activities apart from their mundane routine. With the regular mentorship by our faculties, we assure smooth functioning of the club. Students in the core team also get opportunities to amplify their organizing and managerial skills. Hence, the club stands for its main idea of contributing for the holistic growth of the committee and its members.