Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ever since its inception in 2008 has been in continuous pursuit of excellence in imparting quality education in the field of Electrical and Electronics. The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members and technical staff; it also has well-equipped infrastructure and laboratories with the state of the art machinery, latest computer hardware, software and simulation packages. The department has a students’ association called ‘e-SURGE’ with its vision to inculcate both technical knowledge and cultural values.

MNRE, GOI, New Delhi, has installed a Solar Radiation Resource Assessment station at the college campus for continuous online recording of data regarding solar and wind power which is being maintained by the department. The Department has been identified as a VTU Research Centre from 2017.The Department also has an MOU with M/s. BESCOM (Bengaluru) & KEBEAIT (Mysore) for encouraging industry-institute collaborative activities. Seven batches have successfully graduated from the department. The students are placed well in reputed companies and some are pursuing higher education in the premier institutes. The students are encouraged to conduct and participate in various extra-curricular activities/sports under the banner of Department Association-e-SURGE. 

Vision of the Department

To be a renowned department committed to provide solutions to technological challenges of the society.


Mission of the Department

  • To achieve academic excellence with relevant teaching learning methodologies
  • To strengthen practical knowledge through continuous industry institute interaction  
  • Develop  entrepreneurial skills and practice professional ethics 


Our graduates will

PEO 1: Exhibit excellence in industry and academia.

PEO2: Exhibit Leadership qualities with ethical behaviour and societal concern.

PEO 3: Excel as entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions.


Our Students will be able to

PSO 1: Apply engineering knowledge to design, operate and control electrical systems.  

PSO 2: Analyze, design and develop electronic circuits.

PSO 3: Use state-of-the-art tools to solve multi disciplinary engineering problems.