Robotics Club



“स्व – Yantra” will be a recognized professional club of enthusiastic young minds passionate about robotics giving multi-disciplinary collaborative hands – on experience in designing, building and programming of robots.

  • To explore robotic solutions to societal challenges
  • To foster interest in various aspects related to robotics.
  • To cater to the interests of hobbyists and exposing them to the professional environment.
  • To support the participants for robotics-related competitions that are held at various forums.
  • To create specific teams for specific tasks:
    • Coders- the members who deal with the software part of robotics.
    • Builders- the members who deal with the hardware part of robotics.
    • Group managers- the members who can govern a particular group in the right direction.
  • Support the academic projects (minor projects and major projects) that members can create as a group.
  • Organize various competitions within the club such as project exhibitions, paper presentations, quizzes etc.
  • Hold seminars by eminent speakers to impart knowledge on robotics.
  • Train for upcomi g robotics competition at various forums.
  • Support the academic projects (minor and major projects) that members can create as a group.

The membership for the Swa-Yantra robotics club is open now. Pay the fees through your CR and register here.