Best Practices

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • In-house state of the art Sewage treatment plant
  • 100 Kilts capacity processing per day
  • Treated water is being used for garden maintenance.
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • To regenerate the existing borewells
  •  Infiltration Pond

Green club

The main aim of the Eco-club (Green club) is to conserve the natural resources in the environment to create an eco-friendly campus.

Green club committee Activities

  • Cleaning of campus held on 17-10-2019 by students & staff.
  •  Installation of aerobic composter for wet waste management from the canteen in the month of February 2020.
  • Environment day celebration by planting 130 saplings on the campus on 05-06-2020.
  •  Webinar on dry and wet waste management by Sri. Sham Sundar, CREST Head and Assoc. prof  Dept. of Mechanical on 28-11-2020.